Saturday, 13 April 2013

Freelancing- outsourcing-Bangla-Book-Tutorial

online market place in Bangladesh Bangla freelancing outsourcing Ebook online money earning for all In the age of technology employment will be in online.  All types of skill and non skill people work at home to earn money online. Be freelancer to entrepreneur. Make your carrier in freelancing and outsourcing in Bangladesh. From house wife to professional person can work to earn extra or full time carrier. Online money earning from Bangladesh.

Outsourcing has become a bigger source of in Bangladesh. This can be a future of Bangladeshi youth to become self dependent and also an alternate of part time jobs. After graduation this can be the career even you don’t need to invest money.  Unfortunately people are misguided because of the lack of true outsourcing information. As a result some people are taking this opportunity as like outsourcing MLM (multi level marketing). People invest online to start outsourcing. But our books are for all people who would like to earn a large income from the internet with little skill and high skill without investment. It will provide you with a list of GENUINE, LEGITIMATE and SCAM FREE online money earning opportunities and how to start outsourcing and freelancing.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Download Free Bangla E-Book, PDF and Tutorial

Bookd is the first Bangladeshi  E-Library .

Download Freelancing Outsourcing Professional books For your Online Carrier.

Book for Software Engineer, Information Communication Technology, Web Development
Web site Design, Content Management System Joomla, wordpress, Search Engine Optimization
Graphics Design and etc.

These books are written by professionals with real life experience and current
Industry demand. All books are with update technology, tools and language.

All Books are available in library of Bangladesh as well as Kolkata. ICT
 Consultant and Outsourcing Professional Md. Mijanur Rahman Shares his professional expiring in the books.  
All Books are very easy to understand for all. Specially For novice and non technical person

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 Wordpress and Online Money Earning  workshop and Seminar
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Free Bangla Freelancing and outsourcing E book pdf
Professional Bangla ICT E book
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